“It could have been me…” But they had family, friends, community, support and resources to get them through the hard times.


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By 2Spirityouth.ca - November 1, 2021

Words for Wellness

— “Know that there is always a way forward even when it feels like none exists; That you are loved; and that you are worthy of care, kindness and patience” – Unknown — “Gegwa paamedagegwa minakwewin miinaawaa maji-mskiki. Kabizindowaa gwaya gego zhi-mkowaastaagizid. Waamdan megwach gonaa ge nishingaba ge ni-zhaayin. Doowaabam gonaa gwaya meka e-naadizid ge

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By 2SpiritYouth.ca/Ashley -

My search for Crisis and Wellness Support Resources

Atelihai / Tanshi / Oki / Tatawaw / Wingapo Cheskchamay / NU CHEXW MEN WA HA7LH?  Hello Beautiful Peoples, Before we begin, how are you? You wanna maybe talk to someone or just check out what national crisis and wellness support resources exist out there? I gotchu fam; Check it: NATIONAL RESOURCES First Nations and

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