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Blogs • Articles • Journals • News • Short Stories • and more! is seeking written content from Two-Spirit/ Indigiqueer/ Indigenous (Métis, Inuit, First Nation) LGBTQIIA+ youth (Ages 18-29) to hear your Two-Spirit stories of resiliency and share them in a space created for you in mind!

We're looking for content from a range of themes including but not limited to: Reconciliation, Reclamation, Resurgence, Inter-generational Thriving, Gender, Sexuality, Gender Expression, Gender Diverse Identities, Trans* Identity, Non-Binary Identities, ‘Coming-Out’/ ‘Coming in’, processing Stigma, Mental Health, Ceremony, Self Advocacy, Mental Wellness, Accessibility, and more!

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What does 'A New Beginning' mean to you?

OPTIONAL THEME #1: "A New Beginning" (November // December 2021)

The Launch of is an exciting opportunity for 2Spirit Youth storytelling and content and with this comes the first optional content theme to guide your writing: 'A New Beginning'.

What is a new beginning exactly and what kind of content can I choose to write about? Well this could mean big or small changes in your personal life; perhaps a milestone in your community or the end of something and the beginning of something else; There's so much opportunity here so let those creative ideas flow!!!

'Theme' Schedule
'Theme' Structure


1. Any content created and submitted must be done by individual(s) who are Youth (defined as 18-29yrs) and identify as a Two-Spirit / Indigiqueer / Indigenous (Métis, Inuit, First Nation) LGBTQIIA+.
2. The story submitted must be your own and a work of nonfiction.
3. If your story contains foul language (swear words), the word(s) must be censored.
4. Place a content warning if your story contains graphic language. ex: "Content warning: Nature of warning (ex: sexual abuse/ self harm/ suicide/ suicidality)."
5. Submissions have a minimum and maximum word count of 500 to ~1,500 words.


  • By submitting your content you give 2 Spirits in Motion Society the right to publish your written submission on their websites and social media platforms.
  • All submitted content remains the property of the content creator.
  • There is no guarantee that your story will be published once submitted.
  • ‘Youth’ is defined by the age range of 18-29. Youth younger than 18 please email for content submission.
  • If we choose to publish your story we will contact you through the email you provided.
  • If your story is chosen for publication we will pay you a $125.00 CAD honorarium.