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Taking place on the 22nd of October, 2021 the 2Spirit Youth Health Legislation ’roundtable’ was hosted by the ‘2Spirits in Motion Society’ (2SiMS) Health Coordinator Marissa Moar.

About the ‘2Spirit Health Legislation Project’

The purpose of the 2 Spirit Health Legislation Project is to highlight the diverse voices of 2Spirit peoples and their many health needs that have been overlooked within the intersection of Indigenous and LGBTQQIAA+ health legislation.

As part of the project we will hold virtual ’roundtable’ discussions starting in August 2021 and ending in October 2021. Starting in November of 2021, all themes, recommendations and conclusions will be recorded into an interim report to be submitted to the Government of Canada in December 2021. In January of 2022, the report will be reviewed by the 2 Spirit community, and partnered 2 Spirit organizations, for approval before submitting the final report at the end of that month.


About 2SiMS

The ‘2 Spirits in Motion Society’ is a registered national-level non-profit society incorporated in July 2018 and governed by a ten (10) member provisional Board of Directors from various regions throughout Canada.


Marissa Moar is the Health Legislation Coordinator at The National ‘2 Spirits in Motion Society’ (2SIMS) and has a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Winnipeg