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For more information about 2SpiritYouth.ca or the 2SiMS ‘National 2 Spirit Youth Council email one of our ‘National 2 Spirit Youth Coordinators’:

Julianna.m@2spiritsinmotion.com(text/call: 236-885-1705)

Content Submission

Are you a 2Spirit / Indigiqueer / Indigenous LGBTQIIA+ Youth (18 - 29yrs) interested in submitting your content to 2SpiritYouth.ca website? Head over to our Get Involved page to read about our current submission ‘theme’, ‘Content Guidelines’ and ‘Terms of Conditions’. When you're ready to submit your work click on the Submission Form. The 2SpiritYouth.ca website and content review process is managed by The ‘ 2 Spirits In Motion Society’s ’(2SiMS) ‘National 2Spirit Youth Coordinators’ with assistance from the 2SiMS National 2 Spirit Youth Council.