About the 2SiMS Youth Digital Storytelling Project

2SiMS launched 2SpiritYouth.ca in November 2021 with the support of it’s funding partner ‘Indigenous Services Canada’ accompanied by the mandate to produce a digital space that shares the ‘Good News’ for and by 2 Spirit / Indigiqueer / LGBTQIAA+ Indigenous Youth across colonially defined ‘Canada’.

2SpiritYouth.ca is published by The ‘2 Spirits in Motion Society’ (2SiMS), Canada’s first and only 2-Spirit National-level registered non-profit society incorporated in July 2018.

The presence of storytelling by and for 2Spirit/Indigiqueer youth will assist in positive messaging to reach youth wherever we are, especially those in remote communities who might not know any other 2Spirit/Indigiqueer person. All stories published meet the standard from the Terms of Reference, reviewed by the Youth Council and with guidance from the Board of Directors.

About The 2 Spirits in Motion Society

‘2 Spirits in Motion’ was born from the discussions at ‘Two Spirits in Motion: The 1st Canadian Forum on 2Spirit Peoples, HIV/AIDS and Health’ held in Edmonton, Alberta in February 2003. Two significant recommendations were to: 1. Create A national 2 Spirit Organization; and, 2. Continue hosting National Forums for 2 Spirit People.

For more information on 2SiMS follow the link to visit 2 Spirits in Motion


About The 2SiMS National Youth Council

The National Youth Council is a membership of 10+ regional representatives ( ages 18 - 29yrs) from Northern Turtle Island (colonially defined as ‘Canada’) who meet monthly, and represent a youth-specifc form of 2 Spirit governance resurgence.

A Youth Council member is elected to represent the 2SiMS National Youth Council at all 2SiMS Board of Directors meetings, and the Executive Director or a Board of Directors member attends Youth Council meetings as a mentor to the Youth Council and the 2SiMS National Youth Coordinator(s).

The 2021 - 2022 Youth Council was elected at the 2SiMS National AGM in August, 2021 and consists of:

  • Kai Potts
  • Chanelle Lajoie
  • Lydia Toorenburgh
  • Trent Campbell
  • Chelsea Currie
  • Owen Petit
  • Amelia Fox
  • Kiera Grasby
  • Naomi Bird

For more information on the 2SiMS National Youth Council follow the link to visit 2SpiritsinMotion.com/youth-council